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Online Pills 9 | InGenius Supplier Innovation: Mixed approach of Open Innovation and Intrapreneurship at Nestlé

By Barcelona Tech City

As the world’s largest food and beverage company employing 323,000 staff, Nestlé has invested in empowering every Nestlé employee, regardless of their role, to be part of the company’s innovation strategy via InGenius, its Global Employee-driven Innovation Accelerator.

InGenius crowdsources employee ideas globally against challenges, and drives the winning ideas through a lean startup process supported by a dedicated entrepreneurial team to convert them to viable, prototyped and user validated concepts within 8 weeks. The idea owners are additionally coached to pitch their concepts to senior level executives in return for funding to develop and launch to market within 3-6 months.

But great ideas can also come from suppliers; experts in the field and in many cases with a wide knowledge about Nestlé’s reality. Therefore, InGenius decided in 2020 to partner with Nestlé’s Procurement function to promote “Supplier Innovation”. The objective was creating a direct innovation channel between external partners and Nestlé teams to bring innovative ideas on how to improve Nestlé’s products and operations. InGenius is creating in that way a mixed format of Open Innovation and Intrapreneurship.

Nick de Blasio, Head of InGenius, will be presenting how his team supports internal crowdsourced startups, promotes co-innovation with suppliers and helps Nestlé IT Product Managers on identifying their Moonshoots and build powerful partnerships for the medium and long term roadmaps of their IT Products.

This event will be conducted in English

This event will be held in streaming thanks to Watchity technology. Access will be opened 5 minutes before the start both in our website and Twitter. Questions will be done through online Chat and speakers will answer them at the end of the session.

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