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RSK and RNS: Enabling smart contracts on Bitcoin

RootStock (now RSK) is a smart-contract peer-to-peer platform built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. Its goal is to add value and functionality to the core Bitcoin network by the implementation of sophisticated smart contracts as a side chain.

In this Meetup, Alejandro Banzas will talk about RSK and the RSK Name Service, which provides an architecture to enable the identification of RSK addresses by human-readable names, in the same way, that Ethereum Name Services do.

# Preliminary agenda
19.00h – Welcome
19.05h – What is RSK?
19.20h – Introduction to RSK Name Service
19.50h – Q&A
20.00h – Beers, thanks to Estrella Damm 🙂

# Who is Alejandro Banzas?
Alejandro is Computer Science Engineer and Global Community Coordinator for RSK Labs. Passionate about the latest technologies, he helps developers, students and entrepreneurs to get the most out of them. He was part of the innovation and new technologies team for Microsoft Latin America and is Advisor in technological projects with social impact.

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