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secpho WEBINAR: Deep Tech for Sustainable Packaging

The combination of the two sectors deep tech and sustainable packaging have a huge potential in the food industry. In fact, packaging has an enabling role in the Circular Economy: by optimising resources, reducing the waste and extending the value of products.

Innovation is crucial in order to generate shared value across the entire ecosystem, especially with consumers, which present increasingly specific and demanding demands. There is a transversed trend to sustainability. The market shows increased consumer interest in sustainable products, especially in the case of millennials. A reduction of the volume of packaging was generated, as well as a re-design of the products and containers of the distribution marks. Packaging companies are setting medium to long term sustainability objectives. A balance between functionality and sustainability is required, for instance when looking at the use of multilayer plastic packaging that increases the shelf life of the products but is difficult to recycle. Moreover, research is done for the development of new materials. However, even though the customer demands more sustainable products, the cost difference is still representing a brake as consumer behaviour studies show.

From secpho we invite you to join this webinar to gain a deeper understanding of the technologies that are emerging as a driver of change in the packaging sector. We will deal with technological advances in the market, such as:

– 3D print to manufacture packaging or parts for machinery via 3D printers
– active and intelligent packaging to increase the shelflife of products, monitor their freshness, show quality information, improve safety and convenience
– edible packaging, to replace single use plastic packaging for food
– self-cooling packaging capable of heating or cooling its contents autonomously
– water soluble packaging for decomposition in the sea
– multisensory packaging that brings new sensations (like aromatic, audible, etc.) to the consumer

This webinar is part of the FoodPackLab project (https://foodpacklab.eu/), funded by the European Commission COSME programme, whose second internationalisation phase will be launched in September 2020. It aims at fostering cross-border and cross-sectorial collaboration between clusters and business networks in the strategic field of food security. It connects groups of four different sectors (agriculture, food processing, packaging and deep technology) and five European countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy and Spain) to help European SMEs access new global value chains and ensure their position as innovation leaders in specific industries in selected third countries (India and South Africa).

This free webinar is going to be held in English and the target audience is:

– companies, R&D centres and research groups from the food packaging and photonics sector

Agenda & Registration

Please find the constantly updated agenda and link to register here:


Technical requirements to attend the webinar

We will use the Cisco Webex platform that is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. You can use browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. You can also attend the webinar through mobile devices using the free Webex apps for iOS and Android.

Access to presentations

The presentations will be recorded and published on secpho’s Youtube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmCupZxQhi0d4WytJPh_kWg).

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