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Startup X-Mas Party 2018

Christmas is coming! And everything it brings along with it: the cold, joy, presents, family time and one of the craziest nights of the year: THE COMPANY CHRISTMAS PARTY!

Since it may be difficult for us lone freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and small companies to enjoy a proper office party, we have put together a special X-Mas night so we can all get together and do it right!

And so, we would like you to join us!

– Have a delicious dinner with your colleagues. The menu is mouth-watering, but it wouldn’t taste the same without this year’s funny stories… Do you remember when Peter f***ed up by hitting “Reply to all” on that email? What about when Jefrika fried all the servers?
– Have some drinks and mingle with the community. Coworkers are awesome, we know. But who doesn’t like meeting and hanging out with other cool people from the community? The more the merrier! Maybe you could even get lucky and find new business opportunities… What we know for certain is that someone will probably be already promising eternal friendship to his colleagues.
– Take a walk on the wild side. Most of us love getting kinda crazy with their teammates! Oh gosh! did you know that your CEO used to breakdance?

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