#BcnTech4Women represents the compromise of Barcelona Tech City with gender equality in the digital and technological sector in Barcelona.

Barcelona Tech City has helped to consolidate the city as one of the most important technological hubs in Europe.

Now we set a second goal: to work for equity in the sector. We work from an inclusive approach that recognizes the crucial role of both women and men in this challenge.

We also show our commitment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We align ourselves to contribute to the 5th goal: to reach the equality between genders and to empower all women and girls.

Our goals are:

  • TO CHANGE THE CULTURE of society in general regarding the role of women in technology.
  • TO IDENTIFY AND CREATE change agents that could become models and references.
  • TO RAISE AWARENESS about the fact that equity is both men’s and women’s job
  • TO TRANSFORM stereotypes
  • TO OVERCOME current barriers that stops equity un this sector
  • TO SHOW the challenges, models and learnings
  • TO WORK in equity with both women’s and men’s help.

Work line

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