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From the idea to the technology, conquering the American market with Ana Maiques | By Acció

From Barcelona to the World. Lessons learned from a neurotech entrepreneur – Webinar Internacional II

In this session, you will learn how to interact with international investors, companies and pioneering agents of the sector of the health in the United States and the opportunities of this sector. Plus, you will the opportunity to request an individual mentorship.

For those startups that assist at the session, Barcelona Tech City and ACCIÓ will organize some sessions of mentorship with the speaker, Ana Maiques (meetings one key one), the second week of December, for a maximum of 4 startups. If you are interested at being one of the companies elected to meet with her, we need that you confirm your interest at the form when making the inscription and once the session is finalized (where will show you how to make it).

Ana Maiques is the CEO of Neuroelectrics, was nominated by the IESE as one of the entrepreneurs under 40 years old more influential of Spain (2010) and got the award of the EU for Innovative Women of the European Commission CE at 2014 and one of the Europa’s fifty more inspiring women.

Neuroelectrics has the goal of capsizing the way in which we interact with the brain, developing innovative technologies that can be worn to monitor (in a non invasive way (EEG)) and estimulate the brain  (tCS-electrical stimulation) in order to help patients that need it. Recently, Neuroelectrics got the award Best Start-up in Health 2015 and was rewarded as one of the Best Business Companies of 2016 in the USA for the magazine Entrepreneur Magazine. Recently, it has been united at the Council Advisor of the European Council of Innovation, the organism pan-European that has as the goal of magnifying the European companies.


13.00h – Welcome
Jordi Aguasca, director at Emprenedoria i Startups d’ACCIÓ
13.10h – Interview to Ana Maiques
In charge of Begoña Perdiguero, director at Startup Catalonia, ACCIÓ
13.45h – Question time
14.00h – The end
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