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Firma Talks: In data we trust?

Sparking the debate on the data we generate as users

Can we trust how companies are using our data? The rise of new technologies has helped unearthed an abundance of data that can be mined, understood, and harnessed to solve complex problems and gain new insights. But more exposure to data also presents more significant risks.

Apart of Firma welcomes Guillem Pons, Badi’s Chief Data Officer, and Ander Orcasitas, Dynamic Yield’s Iberian Director, on its upcoming Firma Talks. Presenting two different sides of the argument, Pons and Orcasitas will engage each other in a spirited discussion over the dangers and benefits of handing over our data to companies.

Which side will you take?

In collaboration with:

Estrella Damm

Brutus de Gaper

*The talk will be in Spanish.

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