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Why is it a good moment to start a business in the Asian Market? | By ACCIÓ

From Barcelona to the World. Lessons learned from an Asia market expert – Webinar Internacional I

In this session, you will learn how the entrepreneur Asiatic ecosystem works, what the investors value, how entrepreneurs work at these markets, what startups are valued for.

The next 10 of November, 18 of November and 02 of December will take place the Webinar International organized by ACCIÓ.

What is International webinars? 

Online sessions where an international referent specialised at a sector and/or concrete country will be interviewed. For those startups that assist at the session, Barcelona Tech City and ACCIÓ will organize some sessions of mentorship with the speaker, Cristina Ventura (one to one meetings), the second week of December, for a maximum of 4 startups. If you are interested in being one of the companies chosen to meet her, we need that you confirm your interest at the form at the moment to make the inscription and once the session is finalized, where we will show you how to make it.

Cristina Ventura has been working at luxury and technology for the last 20 years. She has worked for the most prestigious brands in the world that connect creativity and innovation. Currently, she is Catalyst Advisor at The Lane Crawford Joyce Group, the most important luxurious band of Asia. She is responsible to create connections with global leaders of thought, disruptive and game changers. At present, Cristina has founded VenturaXVentures company, which wants to create an ecosystem that make impact and generate value for everybody by means of: the connection of the global talent, the catalyzing of the growth and the collaboration among ecosystems, and the creation of value inveting in entrepreneurs of projects of sustainability, social impact, health and wellbeing, education, etc.

Jordi Maluquer is the director of the office of ACCIÓ in Singapore since more than 20 years ago.


12.00h – Presentation and welcome
Jordi Aguasca, director of Startups Entrepreneurship in ACCIÓ

12.05h – Presentation of Singapore entrepreneur ecosystem
Jordi Maluquer, director of foreign office of ACCIÓ in Singapore

12.15h – Interview to a Cristina Ventura, founder de VenturaXVentures
In charge of Miquel MartíCEO of Barcelona Tech City

12.55h – Question time 

This activity will be held in streaming thanks to Watchity technology. Access will be opened 5 minutes before the beginning of the session in this website. Questions could be done through the online chat and speakers will answer at the end of the session.

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