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SmartCatalonia Challenge

The edition of the SmartCatalonia Challenge celebrated with the Catalan Agency of the Water (ACA) poses 4 real challenges detected at the ecosystem of the water management susceptibles of being resolved by means of innovative solutions based on ICT. We encourage companies, startups and entrepreneurs to present innovative and viable proposals adapted to one or several of the challenges suggested.

Participate to win big prizes!


  • Prize to the best solution: 15.000 € + Realization of a pilot project with ACA.
  • Second Prize: 5.000 €
  • Third Prize: 3.000 €
What do you have to present to participate?

To participate, it is necessary to present a file (ppt or pdf format) (of, approximately, 10 slides) where it’s clearly shown what the proposal consists in (technical aspects, usability, implementation, etc.) and it’s carefully detailed how this proposal solves the chosen challenge.

Optionally, the participants can add other valuable points that consider suitable for a correct valuation of the jury (for example, a connection at a video presentation or a brief digest of the plan of bargain).

It is necessary to recall that the elements that has been more taken into account at this contest are: degree of viability (the proposal should contain elements that show the tangibility of the idea, for example a small pilot), degree of innovation (creativity and originality) and degree of adaptability at the challenge proposed (is indispensable that the document must detail how has addressed the challenge in a personalized way)

– Challenge 1: Water consumption optimization in agriculture (External link)
– Challenge 2: Optimal maintenance of the volume of the river (External link)
– Challenge 3: Contaminants treatment (External Link)
– Challenge 4: Promotion of renewable energy consumption (External Link)


We recall you that the participation in the multiple challenges is not incompatible. Each participant can present solutions at all the challenges that result interesting to him/her as long as innovative, adapted and suitable solutions at the challenges proposed are offered.

Do you want to know more about the challenges? You can revisit the Jornada de Presentació de Reptes (External link) or sent them an email

For more information, visit the rules of the competition (External link).

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