Barcelona Tech City's strategic project is to collect the most relevant indicators of the digital and technological sector. The aim is to have more information to quantify the technological ecosystem of Barcelona and to be able to disseminate it, giving it greater relevance and projection.

Barcelona 5è Startup Hub europeu i 1r del sud d'Europa

EU-Startups, 2018 Ranking of Top European Hubs based on the number of registered startups in each city according to CrunchBase and AngelList.

Barcelona 3a Ciudad – Elegida para fundar una Startup

Startup Heatmap Report, 2019

Barcelona 4a Ciudad – Volumen de Inversión para desarrolladores

The State of European Tech 2019, Atomico

Barcelona 5a Ciudad - Volumen de Inversión

Barcelona 5th City – Volumen de startups

Spain Startup Ecosystem Overview – 2016 Mobile World Capital

Barcelona 7o Ecosistema - Volumen Scaleups

StartupCity Hubs in Europe 2018, Mind the Bridge

Barcelona has a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem

Barcelona Startup Ecosystem – 2017 Report by Genome

Estudio de remuneración | Tech – 2017

Study done by: Page Group

Technological and Digital Sectors | Barcelona – 2014

Study done by: Barcelona Tech City

Digital Talent Overview 2019

Estudio realizado por Barcelona Digital Talent

Technology Innovation Hubs – By: KPMG

What technology company executives and venture Neutral
capitalists should understand about selecting and 27%
investing in emerging global technology incubatorsNot likely/