Barcelona Tech City inaugurates Pier03, It’s New Technology Hub

This new hub will replicate Pier01’s philosophy, provide space for a specialized venue focused on Blockchain technology, and host other startups and companies from the ecosystem.

Barcelona, May 29th, 2019 –Barcelona Tech City, the association that represents more than 800 entrepreneurs, startups and companies from the digital and technological sectors of Barcelona has announced the opening of Pier03, a new hub created to accommodate new companies that want to join this new project. Located in the Els Porxos d’en Xifré– a building 3 minutes from Pier01-, this new venue’s size is approximately 3,500 square meters plus a future project to expand it to 2,500 more thanks to a green roof. It will be occupied by more than 15 entrepreneurs, corporations, investors and different players in the ecosystem that share the same philosophy as the current Barcelona Tech City hub.

“This exciting new Pier helps accelerate the growth of Barcelona’s technological and digital ecosystem and consolidates the focus and business investment in this sector.  It increases the capacity of the ecosystem to create new synergies and spaces and foster development of new projects for members. The different companies and organizations that will be part of Pier03 will benefit from the cross-pollination of digital and technological ideas on their businesses”, says Miguel Vicente, President of Barcelona Tech City.

The opening of Pier03 supports the growth strategy of the Association, as part of its Barcelona Tech City Campus project, which aims to consolidate different spaces focused on technologies with great potential for the city.

“Barcelona Tech City was created, in large part, to contribute a private perspective for aligning all the key players of the ecosystem to move Barcelona into the vanguard of global technological cities.  Barcelona is now well positioned, since it is among the 30 most important technological hubs on an international scale.  Incorporating the Pier03 allows us to reinforce the city project strategy that we promote from the Association”, says Miquel Martí, CEO of Barcelona Tech City.

Pier03 is an expansion of the Technological Campus project that Barcelona Tech City is creating, an initiative that through new locations, fosters the growth of the city’s technological and digital ecosystem across all sectors.  It currently has Pier01, recognized by Forbes as one of the 6 most innovative hubs in the world: and also incorporates Canòdrom, the hub of Peninsula strategic partner of the Association, that’s focuses on video games and creative industries.


About Barcelona Tech City

Created by successful entrepreneurs, Barcelona Tech City is a private non-profit association that represents more than 800 companies in the digital and technological sectors with based in Barcelona, cooperating with different agents that composes the enterprising ecosystem in Barcelona: entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, corporations, universities, business schools, public and private organizations, consulting companies. The main objective is consolidating the city as technological hub to enhance the innovations between the different agents that composes the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Barcelona, which employs 30,000 professionals.

The association launched the Pier01 project in 2016 with the aim of becoming a leading technological space in Europe. Located in Palau de Mar (La Barceloneta), in its almost 11,000 square meters, it groups together 100 companies and startups and more than 1,000 professionals. Now, Barcelona Tech City is working to create the Urban Tech Campus incorporating new hubs, some of them specialized in technologies with great potential such as AI or Blockchain and others focused on different areas as mobility. As part of the initiative, Canódromo by Peninsula has incorporated as videogame and cultural industries hub.



A Blockchain hub

The Blockchain hub will have a very active participation within Pier03, including numerous startups and institutions focused on this transversal technology, one of the most disruptive innovations since the invention of the Internet, where technology can generate trust and transparency in a completely decentralized manner.

Some of the companies that will be part of this specialized hub are:


It is a non-profit association that promotes the digital economy based on Blockchain. With more than 160 associated companies, is part of this new hub. Its objective is to provide Spain with the basic blockchain infrastructure that allows transactions over the network to have legal validity.

Caelum Labs

This startup provides solutions based on blockchain and specializes in sovereign identity.


Uses Blockchain technology in its SPRING software, which helps energy retailers improve their green energy offer by matching the origin of renewable energy production with consumption in real time.


It is the new copyright management model for the music industry through Blockchain. The company, created in Barcelona, manages copyrights transparently and effectively.


This company uses blockchain technology to open the current obstacle to the economic prosperity of billions of people.


Creates low-cost, highly secure and easy-to-use platforms for the new global economy by leveraging the benefits of Bitcoin with a set of tools to create and protect growth.


It is a laboratory for innovation in the supply chain of natural resources, which focuses on the impact of the extraction of raw materials in communities and ecosystems, making use of Blockchain technology.


It focuses on stimulating the popular adoption of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) among developers, students and the next generation of entrepreneurs looking to use DLT to create the next wave of disruptive business.

Pier03, a transversal hub

Within this building, different actors of the digital and technological ecosystem of the city will also meet, making Pier03 a gathering point for innovation, growth and learning. This will be formed by other organizations among which are:


The geolocated online offers and catalogs portal has expanded its headquarters to a space atPier03 where ithouses its commercial team despite keeping its headquarters at Pier01.

Grupo VIKO

This is a specialized group of digital marketing companies formed by the agencies Elogia, iBrands, Tandem UP; the Mittum and Moose technologies, and the digital medium Marketing4ecommerce

The Valley

It is a hub that converts digital knowledge into opportunities for people and organizations through an ecosystem formed by different service units: The Valley Digital Business School and The Valley Talent.


It is a marketplace of home cleaning services whose objective is to digitize and give transparency to a traditionally offline market. With offices in Barcelona and Mexico, MyPoppins offers a special service for companies as well.


Damm is an international brewery company with presence in more than 120 countries, one of the leading leaders in food and beverages worldwide 

La Famiglia
It is a technological consultant focused on the maintenance, support, and advice for companies, La Famiglia is responsible of manage the impacts, projects or providers of their costumers related, or not with the technological world.

NOVARTIS:  Life science hub

The home of neurosciences, called Neurohouse, will be located in this new hub of Barcelona Tech City and will become the first physical space for meeting and interaction on neurology in Spain and Europe, which will allow continuing to lead change, to attract talent and, above all, to keep innovating.

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