Damm opens a space dedicated to the innovation in Barcelona Tech City

  •  The company, immerse in its Digital Transformation process, reinforces its connection with Barcelona Tech City turning into main partner of the association.
  • The Estrella Damm Pier01 space will help as a technological hub to the company and the professionals of the sector.


Barcelona, March 20th, 2019.-Barcelona Tech City, association that groups startups and entrepreneurs of the digital and technological field of the city, has announced the expansion of alliance that maintains with Damm, turning into the beer company in main partner of the project. In this context, Estrella Damm opens the new space in Pier01, building located in Palau de Mar, which groups a hundred of organizations, from startups to innovations labs in the digital and technological field.

Located it in one of the most innovators technological hubs on the international field, the space of Estrella Damm will become into a reference place for the celebration of events focused on digitalization, innovation and technology. In this instance, it will help as meeting point for professionals of the field who want to share ideas in an atmosphere that promotes inspiration, creation and the development of innovator projects. Damm reaffirms of this way its bets for the digital transformation, one of the backbones of the company.


“The extended bet of Damm as a Main Partner of Barcelona Tech City is a clear example of how the big companies that are integrated to the Barcelona brand are facing the digital transformation in a decisive way. For us it is the particular relevance this grade of implication. The creation of the Estrella Damm space in Pier01 follows the objective of having an active aerial for the detection of new business models of interest and the talent and startups with those that Damm can collaborate with. We hope, through the different activities organized in the Estrella Damm, space focused on the innovation and unknowledge, promotes the creation of new projects”, ensure Miquel Martí, Barcelona Tech City CEO.

As a main partner of Barcelona Tech City, Damm compromises to maintain its support of the consolidation of the city as an international technological hub, promoting the development of the digital and technological field in Barcelona. Likewise, the company reinforces its bound with the association, expanding its direct implication in the projects and programmed activities developed for BarcelonaTech City.


“In Damm we maintain a strong compromised with the technological innovation and the digitalization. This new space will help Damm to promote the transforming processes on the digital field, since we will be closer to the magnificent digital ecosystem, and that, certainly, inspire us to innovate. It’s essential to join forces with institutions such as Barcelona Tech City, which makes a wonderful job to promote the international digital and technological field from Barcelona”, points Laura Gil, Damm Head of Digital Transformation.


About Barcelona Tech City


Created by successful entrepreneurs, Barcelona Tech City is a private non-profit association  that represents more than 800 companies in the digital and technological sectors with based in Barcelona, cooperating with different agents that composes the enterprising ecosystem in Barcelona: entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, corporations, universities, business schools, public and private organizations, consulting companies. The main objective is consolidated the city as technological hub to enhance the innovations between the different agents that composes the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Barcelona, which employs 30,000 professionals.


Barcelona Tech City started with Pier01 project in 2016 and with the objective of becoming in a technological space of reference in Europe. It’s located in Palau de Mar, (La Barceloneta), in its almost, 11,000 square meters it groups 100 companies and startups with more than 1, 000 professionals. Currently the Pier01 project has been completed, which it has followed the incorporation philosophy of startups and entrepreneurs, beside proposing a meeting space of these with the traditional corporate sector with the ultimate aim of facilitate the approach of both environments. Barcelona Tech City is working on the hub expansion, with the incorporation of news locations and partners to create a Technological Urban Campus that includes different hubs. www.barcelonatechcity.com

About Damm


Actually,Damm is in more than 120 countries. The company was founded in 1876 by the Alsatian master brewer August Kuentzmann Damm and today it’s one of the main leaders in the drinking and food sector, also in the logistics and distribution sector. It has 14 fabrics in the Iberian Peninsula, where it produces and packages more than 17 million of hectoliters of beer, water, drinks, milk and shakes. In 2018 its revenues passed the 1, 250 million euros and the total staff of the company placed in more that 4.300 people at the end of the year.



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