Dockers and Barcelona Tech City collaborate to give entrepreneurs the confidence they need to overcome the current challenges

Barcelona, 29 de abril de 2020.- Dockers®, the clothing brand, and Barcelona Tech City,

a private non-profit organization that works to accelerate the city’s technological ecosystem by connecting its companies with international talent and investors, announced a collaboration which aims to promote, inspire and support entrepreneurs to thrive in these uncertain times.

In a world that has seemed to stop, this collaboration aims not only to adapt to the current context, but to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit of the city by establishing new synergies and opportunities.

Barcelona Tech City currently represents more than 1,000 companies in the city’s technology and digital sectors and aims to position Barcelona as a leading international hub.

Joan Calabia, Brand Marketing Director Dockers® Europe says: “Dockers® has always promoted innovation and disruption, so our values and DNA cannot better match those of Barcelona Tech City. Barcelona Tech City represents the ethos of the Always On lifestyle. They definitely do not need a suit! Furthermore, Barcelona is at the forefront of startup culture and environmental care, so we will be there to help! By definition, a crisis is a time when opportunities flourish, in which individuals and collectives rise to innovate and find new solutions. We want to celebrate these stories and be part of them. It is time for brands to go from ‘storytelling’ to ‘storydoing’!”.

Dockers®supporting the most innovative, disruptive and daring minds since 1986

Aiming to succeed in a world where actions matter more than words, Dockers® encourages entrepreneurs to follow their passion, challenge the status quo, and be comfortable, so that they can focus on their goals and develop its full potential. The clothing brand created #DockersChallengers in 2017, a platform where extraordinary individuals who work to make a positive impact in the world, tell their stories and collaborate.

According to Miquel Martí, CEO of Barcelona Tech City, “the partnership with Dockers, joining as Global Partner, allows us to incorporate one of the most internationally recognized retail brands into the ecosystem. Dockers’ philosophy: “you don’t need a suit to change the world” is 100% aligned with ours, especially during this health crisis in which startups and entrepreneurs are contributing with their innovation. This collaboration will allow us to place value on all the innovative initiatives that the company is promoting in various fields, such as content, new materials, sustainability and impact, to align with the entrepreneurial sector and foster alliances to develop their strategy”.

Ever since its establishment in 1986, Dockers® is the brand behind those who strive to achieve all of their goals, both at work and in life. The brand created “Casual Friday” in 1992 and revolutionized the way we all dress at work. Today Dockers® seeks to bring the casual look beyond Fridays and demonstrate that everyone can reach the best version of themselves without the need to wear a suit.


About Dockers®:

Dockers® has been the benchmark brand in khakis for more than 30 years. Founded in San Francisco in 1986, Dockers® has been a pioneer in the “casual” movement offering quality products for every occasion. Our innovations and details have always being designed with a purpose, not just a trend. For this reason, at Dockers®, we have a wide range of khakis and other garments of the highest quality, versatility and comfort. Always impeccable. Always ready. Always On. The Dockers® brand is a division of Levi Strauss & Co. available in 60 countries on 6 continents. For more information on the Dockers® brand, its products and stores, please visit

About Barcelona Tech City

Barcelona Tech City is a private non-profit association created by successful entrepreneurs in 2013. It currently represents more than 1,000 Barcelona based companies in the digital and technological sectors and it collaborates with the different agents and institutions that make up the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem: entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, corporations, universities, business schools, public and private organizations, consulting firms and investors.

The main objectives are to consolidate the city as an international technology hub and to boost innovation among the different agents that make up the Barcelona’s entrepreneurial ecosystem which employs 30,000 professionals.

Barcelona Tech City launched the Pier01 project in 2016 with the goal of becoming a technological benchmark in Europe. Located in Palau de Mar (in La Barceloneta neighborhood) and covering almost 11,000 square meters, it houses 100 companies and startups and more than 1,000 professionals who work on them. And it has been recognized by Forbes as one of the six most innovative hubs in the world. Barcelona Tech City is working on the creation of a Urban Tech Campus, where to incorporate new hubs specializing in technologies with big potential such as AI or Blockchain and other sectors such as mobility. As part of this initiative, Canódromo by Peninsula has been incorporated as a video games and cultural industries hub.

The Association has recently incorporated two new spaces: Pier03, a specialized blockchain hub located very close to Pier01, and El Palauet, a social meeting club for the ecosystem.

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