ICAB and Barcelona Tech City sign an agreement to promote knowledge of digital law between citizens and the #BarcelonaDigitalRights bill

Barcelona, May 31th 2019. The dean Mª Eugènia Gay from the College of Lawyers of Barcelona andMiquel Martí, CEO from the association Barcelona Tech City, have signed an agreement of collaboration with the purpose of promoting among the citizenship in general, and the law professionals, particularly, a major knowledge of new technologies in law, digital transformation and data protection.

Through this agreement, both institutions will be organizing events (conferences, seminaries, congresses)in mutual collaboration that aim to disseminate matters related to digital transformation within this field.

Helena Torras, investor;  Mª Eugènia Gay, dean of College of Lawyers of Barcelona; Miquel Martí, CEO of Barcelona Tech City

Accordingly  both entities will collaborate to boost and internationalize the project of ‘Barcelona citizens right in digital era bill’  (#BarcelonaDigitalRights) http://digitalrightsbarcelona.org/). This is about a transversal project with an international flick fostered by the dean Mª Eugènia Gay, that has been pushed forward thanks to the work of the Digital Transformation Commission of ICAB and numerous project partners. This initiative provides a normative text that defends all digital rights from the citizenship, since the technological advance is unstoppable and some of the involved changes arises new hazards for the people that it is necessary to preserve, especially in the essential fields as the right of privacy or honor.

 Barcelona Tech City 

Created by successful entrepreneurs, Barcelona Tech City is a private non-profit association that represents more than 800 companies in the digital and technological sectors with based in Barcelona, cooperating with different agents that composes the enterprising ecosystem in Barcelona: entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, corporations, universities, business schools, public and private organizations, consulting companies. The main objectives are consolidating the city as technological hub and potentiate the innovation between different agents that compose the entrepreneur ecosystem of Barcelona. The association launched the Pier01 project in 2016 with the aim of becoming a leading technological space in Europe. As part of its strategy of the creation of an Urban Tech Campus, recently, the Pier03 was inaugurated, and has a specialized hub in Blockchain, among others.


The College of Lawyers of Barcelona is a Public Law Corporation, of a professional nature, with its own legal personality, which currently includes more than 25,000 collegiate persons, whose functions include, among others, the organization of the profession of the legal profession, the defense of the professional interests of the collegiate as well as ensure the citizenship right of defense.

Mª Eugènia Gay, dean of College of Lawyers of Barcelona; Miquel Martí, CEO of Barcelona Tech City

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