IBM joins up with Barcelona Tech City to promote IA in its business innovation ecosystem

  • It will bring IBM Research technology innovation closer to partner organizations
  • IBM’s open technology approach will provide an impetus to collaboration and co-creation

Barcelona, 24 January, . Barcelona Tech City announced today that IBM has been added as a global partner  for the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) projects in its business ecosystem.

Barcelona Tech City is an association representing more than 800 companies from the digital and tech sectors, being based in Barcelona and having, with Pier01, one of the most innovative international hubs. Its main objectives are to consolidate the city as an international tech hub and to promote innovation among the different stakeholders that make up the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Barcelona. The Association also connects digital talent to the business world,

attracting international companies and investments and partnering key players in the industry and Government to support and grow the entire ecosystem.

IBM, a world leader in software, services and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for businesses, has implemented Watson’s AI solutions for thousands of customers in 20 industries and 80 different countries. For example, 7 of the world’s 10 largest automobile companies and 8 of the world’s 10 largest oil and gas companies use IBM’s Watson solutions.

Thanks to IBM’s experience and technological capabilities, Barcelona Tech City will strengthen its capacity to help the ecosystem implement innovation projects based on artificial intelligence in the cloud.

The partnership model with IBM includes various activities:

  1. Technological support. Through different programmes aimed at developers and startups, IBM will make its IBM Cloud platform available to companies associated with BTC, allowing access, in a pay-per-use model, to disruptive cloud computing, Internet of Things, blockchain and quantum computing technologies.
  2. Access to IBM Research. The addition of IBM is especially valuable, as it will allow BTC organizations to come into direct contact with its research laboratories, which are currently developing the world’s most advanced technologies in artificial intelligence, security, quantum computing blockchain, nanotechnology, etc. With research laboratories all around the world, IBM is the company that has registered the largest number of patents in the U.S. for 26  consecutive years. Through IBM scientists, the companies associated with Barcelona Tech City will be able to learn about the most advanced technology trends and understand and experiment with technologies that have not yet been launched to the general public. Among many other things, partnerships could focus on:
  • Automatic generation and training of a Deep Neural Network. This automation can significantly reduce the time and cost required to create new AI models integrated into an industrial process. 
  • Advanced data ‘Tokenization’ -adapted to their format. This type of ‘tokenization’ adapts to the data format while protecting information privacy.
  • Structuring of large document databases to help natural language processing specialists find new knowledge at a deep level.
  • Introduction to the world of quantum computing.

 3. Dissemination activities on AI, such as hackathones, design thinking conferences and workshops, with special emphasis on the development and application of this technology according to ethical and transparency principles.

Open platforms

According to a study by IBM and Oxford Economics, 82% of companies claim to have started using AI technologies.  However, more than 60% admit that they don’t have the talent to make the most of it and, furthermore, that they don’t have the right technological architecture. According to the “Building Your Cloud Orchestra” study , 85% of the companies surveyed stated that they work with different cloud environments. All this growing complexity prevents the digital transformation from advancing faster.

To respond to these challenges, IBM is leading the development of open technology platforms, designed to manage any type of cloud and AI environment in an integrated manner, regardless of the tools or provider used.

This open approach to technology is especially relevant for Barcelona Tech City. As a large ecosystem of entrepreneurs, startups, large companies and universities, the use of open technology ensures the flexibility and interoperability needed to develop artificial intelligence applications based on co-creation and collaboration.

Innovation ecosystems, especially when they integrate hubs of collaboration between startups and large companies, are an increasingly important engine of progress and competitiveness. To accelerate their potential, it is necessary to have technological platforms that integrate the most advanced capabilities, in areas such as AI, with the levels of solidity, flexibility and openness required by business innovation. With our agreement with Barcelona Tech City, IBM is ready to help the enormous innovative potential of the Barcelona ecosystem reach a new level “, says Sebastián Krause, General Manager of IBM Cloud Europe.

Artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, blockchain, cybersecurity, the cloud and 5G are the main technologies that will bring the next wave of innovation to the market. Making these technologies available to startups and entrepreneurs will allow them to boost their businesses. This agreement with IBM allows us to bring artificial intelligence, through its IBM Watson technology, closer to our partners so that they can use it in their developments. For Barcelona Tech City, blockchain and artificial intelligence are the priority technologies in our development plans for a Technology Campus in the city. Having IBM as a Global Partner is a real honour, whilst also endorsing the commitment of the Association to AI as a growth area “, stresses Miquel Martí, CEO of Barcelona Tech City.

*To download the images of the signing of the agreement click here


About IBM and Artificial Intelligence

A global leader in AI software, services and technology for businesses, IBM has implemented Watson AI solutions in thousands of engagements with customers in 20 industries and 80 countries. IBM’s Watson AI solutions are widely used in industries, including seven of the 10 largest automotive companies and 8 of the 10 largest oil and gas companies.

About Barcelona Tech City

Created by successful entrepreneurs, Barcelona Tech City is a private non-profit association that represents more than 800 companies from Barcelona’s digital and technological sectors, working together with the different stakeholders that make up Barcelona’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. These include entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, corporations, universities, business schools, public and private organisations, consulting companies and investors. The main objectives are to consolidate the city as an international technology hub and to promote innovation among the different stakeholders that make up Barcelona’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, which employs 30,000 professionals.

The association launched the Pier01 project in 2016 with the aim of becoming a leading technological space in Europe. Located in Palau de Mar (La Barceloneta), in its almost 11,000 square metres it groups together 100 companies and startups and more than 1,000 professionals. The Pier01 project has now been completed. It followed the philosophy of incorporating startups and entrepreneurs and it provides a meeting point for them with the traditional business and corporate sectors, with the ultimate aim of facilitating approximation between the two environments.

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