Novartis and Barcelona Tech City, together to bring innovative solutions in the health field

  • The contribution will provide the connection between the local and international talent and to foment the connection with organizations that are leading digital processes of transformation in others sectors.
  • The agreement takes part of the Novartis vision of reimagine the Medicine and lead the digital innovation on the patients benefits.


Barcelona, march, 7th 2019. –Novartis has incorporated to Barcelona Tech City as a “Global Partner” of the entity with the objective of promoting the innovation and the collaboration into the health ecosystem. It’s about an agreement that will contribute to the creation of a suitable environment for the digital initiatives that the company is developing and that will included Novartis into the Advisory Board of the entity, that reunites more of 800 companies in the digital and technological field.

“The agreement is an example of how we understand our participation like firm in the challenges we have into the health approach. In Novartis we reimagine the Medicine, and we do it innovating in science, and incorporating digital services in the health that benefit the patients and help the sustainability of National Health System”, Frederic Simoes, Novartis Spain CEO Ad Interim mentioned.  Simoes emphasizes that in Novartis. “We want to transform the way we operate, and for that matter we are laying the foundations that allow us the adoption of large-scale technologies with artificial intelligence, telemedicine and digital therapies”.

For that matter, the alliance between Novartis and Barcelona Tech City will provide privileged access from the pharmaceutical company to the associated startups and a unique management, creation and coworking space to maintain the corporative compromise with innovation, medicine and technology.


“The life sciences field is surely one of with the most potential in Barcelona. Having Novartis as a Global Partner of Barcelona Tech City puts value on the bet that the pharmaceutical is doing for the ecosystem. It is worth to mention that in the health field, especially the pharmaceutical, half of the investment destined to I+D is done through collaborations. We hope with this alliance new partnerships get to establish and help contribute to the formations of news services or business models. We are convinced that through Barcelona Tech City part of these will arise from the collaborations of  technological startups with Novartis. This incorporation completes, largely, the global partners panel into the life sciences field”, remark Miquel Martí, Barcelona Tech City CEO.   


Barcelona Tech City, home of the Novarti’s digital projects

 Barcelona is setting up as an indisputable technological hub and a talented magnet and Barcelona Tech City supplies the environment for the interaction and projects development that, with a digital base but with a multidisciplinary approach, bring benefit to the city.

Novartis, for its part, counts with the Digital Hub in finances and digital services portfolio focused to the health improvement. The Barcelona Tech City collaboration is a step forward in the company willingness to help other companies, of different sectors, in a dynamic environment, to explore the potential that the digital background offers in people benefit. Novartis adds its years of collaboration with internationally renowned research centers, startups of the health field and partners in the academic field.

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 About Novartis

 Novartis AG (NYSE: NVS) provides innovative solutions for the health care according to the patients and society needs. With headquarters in Basel and Switzerland, Novartis disposes an extend variety of products to respond to these needs: innovative supplies, generic supplies and biosimilarities that help saving costs and vision care. Novartis has leading positions across the world in each one of the areas. In 2017, the Group make a sales figure of 49.100 million USD dollars and invested, around, 9.000 million USD dollars in I+D activities. The Novartis Groups companies has approximately 125.000 employees. The Novartis products are sold in around 155 countries around the world.

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Created by successful entrepreneurs, Barcelona Tech City is a private non-profit association  that represents more than 800 companies in the digital and technological sectors with based in Barcelona, cooperating with different agents that composes the enterprising ecosystem in Barcelona: entrepreneurs, startups,SMEs, corporations, universities, business schools, public and private organizations, consulting companies. The main objective is to promote the city as a technological hub to enhance the innovations between the different agents that composes the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Barcelona, which employs 30,000 professionals.

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