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AI at Nestlé: potential, challenges and examples

Nestlé is looking to engage with partners worldwide to continue its journey of implementing AI at scale for both consumer and business applications. AI, and in particular machine learning (ML), is a strategic building block for Nestlé because of its huge potential to bring about efficiencies, sustainability and a hyper-personalized customer journey.

Nestlé is also exploring the implementation of advanced big data and analytics solutions which, combined with AI, will unlock huge data volumes in an automated way in real-time and ultimately lead to maximum profitability.

Through this meetup, Nestlé will share their challenges and needs with the AI community in Barcelona to get feedback and insights, as well as to identify potential partners to help Nestlé continue to move ahead with their AI implementation strategy.


Jelena Trajkovic Karamata, Head of Nestlé Global IT Hubs (Barcelona – Milano)

Enrique Mora, AI Architect at New Generation Technologies – Nestlé IT

Vikrant Bhan, Global Head of Analytics Service Line – Nestlé IT

Agenda de la actividad

+Introduction to Nestlé and its Digital Hub in Barcelona

Speaker: Laura Sánchez

+Keynote: “AI at Nestlé: potential, challenges and examples”

Speakers: Enrique Mora and Vikrant Bhan

Networking cocktail and parallel 15-minute 1:1 meetings between startups interested in working with Nestlé and Nestlé IT representatives (prior application required)

Attendees will understand the breadth of challenges in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, and in particular, of Nestlé, the top FMCG company in the world. Participants will also get a feel for the key Artificial Intelligence (AI) use cases Nestlé is working on, who we are working with, and what the main challenges are.

Last, AI startups and research teams interested in helping Nestlé address their challenges will have an opportunity to talk directly with key people at Nestlé IT organisation through 1:1 sessions. Anyone interested in or working in the field of Artificial Intelligence, especially Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Companies and research groups with AI and/or analytics solutions or findings.

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