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BBL – with Jerome Engel – New trends in corporate venturing and venture capital in Silicon Valley

By Barcelona Tech City

The pace of innovation is accelerating, changing markets and creating opportunities and challenges. Venture capital and Entrepreneurs are partnering to create ventures of astounding value, global impact and financial returns.

Major corporations are threatened as never before. Changing opportunities that exceed their internal capabilities require a rapid response.

At the same time, Entrepreneurs are creating new ventures with new technologies and business models that enable the rapid scaling these corporations need, disrupting traditional value chains and markets.

Through ‘open innovation’ platforms such as Corporate Venture Capital and Venture Capitalists are investing in these start-ups, allowing them to experiment, innovate and rapidly scale. Once the purview of Silicon Valley, this has become a truly global phenomenon.

About: Jerome Engel

Founder Lester Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship – UC Berkeley And Professor at La Salle/URL at the Venture Capital and Corporate Investor Executive Program



13:30 – Reception
14:15 – Welcome Miquel Martí – Lunch
14:30 – Presentation Jerome Engel
15:30 – Q&A



Pier01 – Barcelona Tech City 

For your information, exclusive event for members and partners.

DAY: 14/11/18
HOUR: 13:30h a 15:50h
WHERE: Pier01 – mVentures | Planta 2 – Bloque C
LUNCH: welcome with finger food and second plate in the table
PRICE: 25€

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