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Disruption is not death

By Barcelona Tech City

Mattias Hjelmstedt is the founder of Utopia Music, which creates platforms so everyone can understand, use and benefit from the power of data in the music industry. He will explain how his company, Utopia Music AG will use various blockchain technologies (public & private ledgers combined with cryptocurrency settlement) in order to address the numerous inefficiencies in the music and entertainment industries.

As featured in Bloomberg, CNN, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, and Wired, serial entrepreneur, Hjelmstedt has successfully created companies since the early 1990s in the areas of: content distribution; streaming; online gaming; social media; and computer technologies.

An unparalleled innovator, Hjelmstedt’s commitment to online user experience, enhancing the media industries and turning online TV into a global reality, sees him partnering with the leading figures in TV, Music, electronics, and digital industries, as well as discerning consumers.

Abstract:Typically disruption means the death of an industry, such as how the car killed the buggy whip, the computer killed type writers, Uber is killing the taxi industry, and streaming killed the record industry, but this is not always the case. By lowering the barriers to entry and increasing the total industry value, it is possible to shift the roles of industry participants so that more value is created, less waste occurs and only those stakeholders who provide zero value are left behind…as they should be.

By democratizing growth and lowering boundaries, platform companies can allow for systematic efficiency gains and overall great levels of growth.

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