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Euro Pharma Congress

Coalesce Research Group inviting all the participants across the globe to attend this “Euro Pharma Congress” is on September 21-22, 2020 in Paris, France.

The main theme of the conference is “Exploring the Latest Innovations in Pharma”. The conference aims to review their knowledge, and share an new ideas in pharma research amongst the professionals, Industry experts and students from research areas of Pharma and take active part in the discussions and technical sessions at the conference. The conference provides exhibitor booths for the companies and pharmaceutical industries and the institutions to showcase their services, products, innovations, innovative ideas and research work & results.
Euro Pharma Congress will gear you on the latest and advances trends and keeps you up to date on the latest advances research’s in the field of pharma. The unique aspect of the event is to accentuate research and clinical practice that include Pharmaceutics, Pharmacodynamics & Pharmacokinetics, Nano biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Bioavailability & Bioequivalence, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Drug Formulation and many more offering deeper coverage on every topic in the field of Pharma.

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