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Inside the mind of HK investors

By Barcelona Tech City

What are HK VC’s looking for when investing in Europe?

When you think about Hong Kong, you will probably think about a financial and logistics hub that connects China to the rest of the World, well, you should start thinking about it as one of the worlds most vibrant start-up hubs. Hong Kong start-ups raised US$2.28b in 2018, up from US$1.26b in 2017 and US$547m in 2016, putting the local ecosystem in the global spotlight. With homegrown unicorns such as GoGoVan, LaLamove, Klook, SenseTime and TinkLabs, more promising local start-ups coming up and an increasing influx of foreign start-ups setting up their Asia operations in Hong Kong, it has truly become a place not be missed for global entrepreneurs and investors.

Event organise with Catalonia Trade & Investment Hong Kong collaboration.

In this session, we will pick up the mind of some of Hong Kong’s more active VC’s in how they see their local ecosystem moving forward, which tech trends they foresee will be more disruptive and what do they look for when investing in European start-ups. The session will consist of a roundtable debate followed up by a Q&A, ending with networking time. Don’t miss out on knowing more about Hong Kong and its opportunities!



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