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The Journey on how AR/VR is adopted and scaled at Nestlé Digital Hub in Barcelona

Scaling emerging technologies is a tall task for many organizations, especially one that is the largest food company with over 2,000 brands. Learn how Nestlé is tackling the challenge of adopting AR/VR, from a tactical novelty to a strategic technology pillar to bring value to consumers and employees.

Rich and Jeremy from Nestlé’s Immersive Experiences team will take you through the journey on how AR/VR is adopted and scaled at Nestlé’s Digital Hub in Barcelona. See active use cases and live demos of some of the experiences Nestlé has developed globally.

By coming to this event, attendees will understand the breadth of challenges in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry and, in particular, of Nestlé, the top FMCG company in the world. Participants will also get a feel for the key Augmented Reality (AR) use cases Nestlé is working on, who we are working with, and what the main challenges are.

Last, AR startups interested in helping Nestlé address their challenges will have an opportunity to talk directly with key people at Nestlé IT organization through 1:1 sessions.

This event can be specially interesting to anyone interested in or working in the fields of AR, virtual reality (VR) or mixed reality (MR), as well as companies with commercial AR, VR and/or MR solutions.



-Richard Hess (Immersive Experiences Product Manager at Nestlé)

-Jeremy Moussai (Immersive Experiences Project Manager at Nestlé)



  1. Introduction to Nestlé and its Digital Hub in Barcelona (by Richard Hess).
  2. Keynote: “Scaling Augmented Reality at Nestlé: from idea to multi-market, multi-brand reality” (by Richard Hess and Jeremy Moussai).
  3. Networking cocktail and informal 1:1 meetings between startups interested in working with Nestlé and Nestlé IT representatives.
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