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secpho WEBINAR: New solutions for Clinical Research, Diagnostics and Treatment

Digitalization has become crucial for the healthcare sector to address current societal and sanitarian challenges. Ensuring quicker access to healthcare services and reducing burden on health facilities through IoT platforms, reinforcing prevention before treatment by online and real-time monitoring and tracking of symptoms, increasing trust and transparency between patient and doctor by providing share access to the patient health status, these are just a few benefits of technological innovation.

In this webinar, Business Upper Austria and secpho join forces with other European clusters in order to promote the most disruptive solutions for digital health and provide matchmaking opportunities for companies which want to increase their competitiveness by working on collaborative projects.

The organisers will support participants in searching for partners to apply for DIGI-B-CUBE calls for proposals.


Please find the constantly updated agenda here:



Link for registration: https://platform.digibcube.eu/eventApplication

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