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EIT Health Accelerator Call – Start-up Rescue Instrument 2020

Up to €500.000 in grants-for-option
Co-investment scheme
Deadline – Friday 29th of May

The Start-up Rescue is a new EIT Health instrument that supports European innovative start-ups by providing funding in return for Options for EIT Health e.V. Start-ups, with difficulties in closing financing rounds,  can apply soon to receive up to €500,000 from EIT Health in return for options. Private co-investor willingness to co-invest at least 50% is required from current investors, already present at the capitalization table, or new ones. The model that EIT Health is exploring leverages the value of an investor’s commitment and co-invest up to €500,000 in grants-for-options. For example, if a private investor commits at least €250,000 EIT Health would match this with a €500,000 grant, giving the start-up a total cash injection of €750,000.

With this opportunity, EIT Health will help start-ups activate private capital and propel their venture’s acceleration. In addition to providing a boost to bridge financing rounds, EIT Health will offer selected start-ups a strong network of partners. All start-ups selected will be supported by the international EIT Health Business Creation Team for at least 8 months as part of a structured project and thereafter supported as an Alumni.

Check the application requirements (Deadline 29/05/2020)
Register to Webinar about EIT Health Start-up Rescue Instrument

Contact information: Javier.vega@eithealth.eu

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