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[Vision to Action] What’s your startup worth? How to value a startup business

Understanding your startup’s valuation is a fundamental when it comes to fund raising and selling your startup. But fundraising is still a mystery to most of us. How does one put a price on a company that is newly created or still hasn’t reached it’s maturity.

What metrics do we use to value a company? In this two hour workshop, we aim to introduce you to the science and the art behind startup valuation helping you truly understand the methodologies you can use to value your company. We will discuss some examples in the fintech space, techniques and practice valuation modeling as well.

Workshop vision to action

Vaibhav Puri is a Product and Business Specialist at the Payment Innovation Hub with experience in building digital products in the payments and IoT space. In 2011, he founded and led product at an innovative IoT startup that sold products and services to thousands of customers across the globe. Prior to his startup, he worked as a strategy consultant for McKinsey & Co and Ernst & Young. In the past, he has successfully helped companies raise funds over $10 million in the technology space covering specifics such as due-diligence, corporate valuation, business planning and fund raising documentation. He has a Bachelors in Computer Science with Distinction from University of Pune, India and M.B.A. from University of Oxford.

Vision to Action is an initiative led by the Payment Innovation Hub with the aim of sharing experiences, contributing and inspiring the entrepreneurial community. At the Hub, we have a high-performance team of experts that work across multi-disciplinary work areas and methodologies. Each month a member of our team will hold a workshop on some of the techniques and tools that are used as part of the innovation process at the Hub. All sessions have a specific theme in mind and are aimed at entrepreneurs, startups and an audience with interest in technology and innovation. With each session, participants get an opportunity to gain practical skills and knowledge on the theme being presented. To know more about our planned events, keep in touch with us via our twitter profile @PayInnHub.

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