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Workshop with Sunny Lu

Sunny Lu, CEO de VeChain

Pioneer and Entrepreneur in Blockchain Passion is the fuel, and learning is the engine. A believer who keeps always curiosity and passion about new things especially like the disruptive Blockchain, believes which will make the world different again, and proceeds by day to day operations. 

Sunny Lu is co-founder and CEO of VeChain, China’s preeminent enterprise Blockchain protocol specialized in IoT. He is passionate in his belief in the disruptive power of new innovations like Blockchain. Today, VeChain is working with a variety of enterprises and government clients worldwide to develop the full potential of this technology, such as Walmart or BMW.

Sunny has over 15 years of management experience and technical expertise related to computer, network, and communications activities. Prior to co-founding VeChain, he served as CIO of Louis Vuitton China (part of LVMH Group) and has created and implemented large-scale IT and information security projects

Sunny was educated at Shanghai JiaoTong University, where he studied Electronics and Communication Engineering. An opportunity to know in depth the Blockchain technology, use cases and real examples, as well as the vision of the founder of one of the most successful Blockchain startups worldwide, VeChain.

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